Dean River

British Columbia, Canada

August 14-22, 2021

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Truly, the Dean River has defined the legend that is steelhead fly fishing in British Columbia.

There are few rivers in the world like the Dean River. While its beauty alone is worth visiting, this river is blessed with some of the hardest fighting steelhead in the world. The Dean River flows directly into the Dean Channel and fish will literally push in on the high tide right as your are fishing near the ocean. Bright steelhead and salmon are just waiting to take a properly swung fly. These fish move fast in the lower river and hit harder than most other steelhead in the world. They will test the limitations of your gear and they regularly explode fly reels, leaders, and lines.
BC West has the opportunity of fishing both the lower Dean below the falls and the section above the falls. Each program has its own unique fishing day and anglers will be able to experience both. The Dean River is truly one of our favorite rivers on the planet.

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Accommodation Details

Lodging Details: Friday, August 14th BC West has reserved double occupancy rooms for everyone at Eagle Lodge. If you would like to have your own room, please contact the hotel directly. Note: You will need to pay for your room at check-out time. August 15th – August 21st BC West is located in the woods on the right bank of the lower river and has four simple guest cabins. Anglers sleep either two or four per cabin and there is a large community cabin with a fireplace where drinks and the late-night meals are served. There is a nice shower house with two showers and sinks as well as an attached drying room for all wading gear, and two double outhouses. In the morning and evenings, the guests gather in the main lodge for meals.

Food & Beverages: The main formal sit-down meal is served at lunch time in the main lodge and is accompanied by excellent wines. The late meal follows an international theme and multiple dishes are served buffet style in the clubhouse. The lodge provides a complimentary supply of beer, soda and mixers in the clubhouse refrigerator. Wine is served during the main meal of the day and is available at other times upon request. Guests may bring in their own alcohol.

Length of Stay: August 13th – August 22nd

Non-Angling Activities: BC West goes the extra mile and creates a split-day fishing program where anglers fish from dawn to lunch, then return to camp for a gourmet meal and a siesta before heading out in the late afternoon to fish until dark.

Internet/Communications: Cell phones do not work at the lodge. The lodge does have Wi-Fi that works best in the main lodge. The connection is spotty and not typically suitable for long downloads/video etc. Please bring your own computer. There is a satellite phone/internet system at the lodge with limited bandwidth that can be used for a quick “check-in” back home on arrival, but then only for emergencies. Please expect to have only limited communication with the outside world via phone or computer.

Travel Details

Streamer fishing, swinging flies with 5-6 weight spey rods and nymphing will all produce results. We were accessing the waters via jet boast so this was mostly walk and wade. However, this could change based on what you want to do as the guiding service is very flexible.


Rods: Single hand 6 weight rods or 5-6 weight double hand rods is all you will need.

Line: I highly recommend a sink tip line for quickly getting flies deeper into short and quick buckets. Floating line for nymphing (although we never really used them as the streamer fishing was so good). For double hand rods, I would have Skagit heads with sink tips of probably 10 feet T-11, as well as, a double hand floating line like a scandi or dry line for skating mice or other skaters.

Flies: Bring a large selection of big, articulated streamers in lighter colors like tan, white, and silver. However, bring some darker patterns as well. These are glacial rivers and can turn a "steelhead green" color. I would recommend the Smoke n' Mirrors, Mongrel Meat, and other large articulated streamer options. For swinging flies, we highly recommend the Bald Eagle fly, and any other pattern you love to swing trout with, but, 3 inches plus -in size- is a good idea. Bring a selection of mice skaters as the Bull Trout seem to be very active on them.

Rates & Terms

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Non-Angling Activities:[Need Copy]

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August 14-21, 2021

Dean River, Canada

Blessed with some of the hardest fighting steelhead in the world, there are few rivers in the world like the Dean River.

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